The How Is The Habit

Money. Success. The next level. It’s not rocket science. There’s no formula. What you’ve done in the past has created today. Look at the past and you’ll see the pattern. Take a trip down memory lane. The numbers. The effort. Your focus. Your actions. They’ve all led you to this very moment. Intentional or not. What you do today creates your tomorrow. Don’t like what you see today? Change the pattern. The how is really your habit. Change the pattern and you’ll change the future.

Love Every Minute

We settle for feeling good a fraction of the time. We’re told you can’t love it all. You can’t enjoy it all. Suck it up.. Then you can get back to joy. But it’s our business to love every minute. To feel good every second of the day. So even when you’re in the middle of doing your taxes, you experience joy. Because happiness is something you cultivate from within, regardless of what you're doing in the physical world. Happiness transcends time and space. Even if you hate what you’re doing, you can be happy. It’s worth trying. Because you’ll never get those minutes back. Don’t save that happiness for later. Make it your mission to find happiness now. Wave the white flag to resistance. Show up and smile. You’ve only got this moment. Love it hard.

Do You

Do you. The awkward conversation. The confession. Truth telling. There’s something you’re forgetting. This isn’t a heated debate. You’re not seeking someone else’s approval. Or praise. It’s simply information sharing. Things get hard when you go in with an agenda to convince. But their opinion isn’t the point. The point is expressing yourself. That’s it. You express. They listen. Whatever opinion they have is none of your business. Your job isn’t to convince them of your truth. It’s about being in integrity with your truth. Nothing more. Nothing less. And your truth isn’t someone else’s. Let that go. Do you.

No Compromise

No compromise. It’s the kind of mantra that cuts through the crap. You notice it the moment you start to journal. Because there’s nothing like journaling about living your truth only to keep that truth trapped on the pages of your journal. Never to see the light of day. Life happens after your journal routine. And your truth slips down your priority list. Tomorrow. You promise. But every day that passes by and you compromise on your truth, you get agitated. Every other task you complete starts to feel like a burden. The sweetest things in life are now bitter. There’s an itch you can’t scratch. You don’t know know what it is. Even though it’s staring at you in your journal. Point blank. You read and write about it every morning as part of your routine. But you’re not actually doing it. And that’s the reason life starts to flatline. You declared your truth. Your must. Your non-negotiable. The thing you’ll never compromise on. But here you are. Compromising. Stop planning. Start doing. Stop affirming. Start actioning. Wake up every morning and do the thing. Not write about doing the thing.

The In Between

The in between. It’s a hard place to live. To be driven and to be present. To go for your goals but be fulfilled where you are. To love yourself and want to lose weight. It can feel like you’re two different people in the space of a second. Swinging between the two extremes. Sometimes it feels like the only answer is to pick a side and set up shop there. To hustle so hard you say no to everything else. To ditch your dreams in order to enjoy a night off. But each extreme just doesn’t sit well. Living in the in between is a hard place to navigate. There’s a feeling of wading through the mud. But there’s beauty in the in between. You’re living the depth of your life. The width. The breadth. You’re living fully and wholly. Both sides. Constantly. The multiple lifetimes you’ve gotten to experience in this glorious one. That is the gift of the in between.