Hailing from Melbourne, Australia’s all-round capital of culture and good times, Elizabeth McKenzie was living the life of so many other 30-somethings – unfulfilling work days dulled by long nights and made almost unbearable by the follow-up hangovers ­– when she went to a day-long writing workshop for shits and giggles. Reader, it changed her life.

Within six months, she had written and self-published her first book, not entirely surprisingly called The 30-Somethings. But this collection of thoughts and stories, broken up into three acts for those with short attention spans, was just the start and a necessary segue to what she was really put on this earth to do.

Sitcoms. Movies. Just about anything that could be viewed on a screen. They were Elizabeth’s greatest loves. (Well, if you take away her dogs Melvin and Charlie and her husband Edwin, but you know what we mean.) She took to three-act structures, plotting devices and Final Draft like a duck to water.


To date, Elizabeth has written:

SHARING SPACE. A half-hour office comedy about an aspiring writer who, in an attempt to follow her dreams to become next level Twilight famous, sets up a co-working space to make ends meet.

TIME’S UP FOR AMY HAMILTON. A half-hour office comedy about Amy, a happy slacker whose only goal is to do the absolute least. This becomes a problem when Amy finds herself the unwilling champion of the Time’s Up Movement in her office, stirring up company culture, office romances, and working relationships.

A full screenplay called A CHRISTMAS MOVIE CHRISTMAS. When Aussie Kayla gets the chance to spend her dream white Christmas in the US of A, it doesn’t work out quite the way she planned.

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“If there is one thing Elizabeth’s the ultimate ruler of, it’s The Story. And Elizabeth has a gift for not just writing it on the page, but teaching you to find it within yourself.”