Lessons From Improv Class

I’ve been taking improv classes over the last few weeks.  It’s been crazy challenging and crazy fun.

The fun is in the ability to genuinely make people laugh just by showing up on the spot as you are. 

The challenge is to trust yourself to show up on the spot just as you are. 

There’s a huge difference between trying to be funny/act funny and simply trusting that you are enough, just as you are, to show up and make people laugh. 

To trust whatever comes to you in that moment is enough.

It’s what the audience came here for.

To see you.

And what unfolds organically on the stage.

Genuinely reacting.

Without trying.

Just being. 

This isn't just an important lesson if you ever want to do improv.

It's about your business. Your life.

Stop trying to be someone you're not. Stop trying to filter yourself, your thoughts and your reactions to what you think you have to say.

And speak from the heart. 

Because you are enough.

Just as you are.

With whatever is on your mind. Right now.

To entertain.

To inspire.

To educate.

All you have to do is trust. 

And show up.

What Marketing Has To Say About It All

Reporting with an E News Exclusive today and coming LIVE as soon as the story breaks, we’ve got everything covering the break up.

In case you missed it, in a shock announcement that left us baffled, Elizabeth McKenzie and Marketing broke up.

Elizabeth gave us an access all areas interview into her relationship with marketing, and it wasn't pretty.

We’re all for fairness here at E News, and so when marketing reached out to give his side of the break up, we couldn’t refuse.

Here's the transcript of our interview:

"Hey yo E News, thanks for having me. I haven’t listened to the interview Elizabeth gave. I was too busy partying in Las Vegas with my entourage to pay any attention.

Yeh, I’m pretty hungover today actually. I don’t remember much what happened last night but I know it was off the hoooook. I got numbers.

Let’s get real here, I find it really hard to believe that Elizabeth has been surprised by my behaviour. She came into this relationship knowing full well who I am.

I mean, I’m honest and open and transparent like that. I share my money all over the internet, and I travel with a photographer who captures all the cool stuff I do, and I share that with my fans. So like, yeah, I’m the kind of guy that loves attention. I love splashing myself all over the internet and showing people how awesome I really am.

That’s part of who I am. And girls eat it up. They want what I've got.

Just because we hooked up - it didn’t mean I was going to change who I am. It didn’t mean I was going to change for her and her career. She knew from the start she had to fit in...

Yeah I’ll take a champagne thanks. Sorry we’re just at breakfast, ya know hair of the dog.

So, as I was saying, she knew from the start she had to fit in with how things ran around me. It’s how I’ve been for as long as I’ve known myself, it’s how all my previous girlfriends have operated.

It’s the way it is.

Don’t go fixing shit that ain’t broken, yet she always wanted to try and do it differently.

I told her: 'Girl, this is it. You either mould to marketing, or we’re done.'

So yeah, she tried marketing on for size. She even said she loved it. But at the end of the day, there’s only a certain type of girl that’s going to love marketing and she ain’t one of them.

Elizabeth's too opinionated. Too individual. Too different.

And so we just couldn’t work.

Okay E, I gotta go, gotta amp up for a day of pool partying with Paris Hilton."

There you have it. Marketing's rebuttal to our access all areas interview with Elizabeth.

Interesting how both camps seem to be doing just fine without each other.

In fact, Elizabeth has been seen flaunting her new man COPY BOSS and we couldn't be happier for her.


He's so hot.

If you want to ditch marketing like a bad boyfriend, COPY BOSS is your way.

This has been Elizabeth reporting exclusive E(lizabeth) News.


Breaking News: It's Not Me. It's You.

Reporting with an E(lizabeth) News Exclusive to you and coming LIVE as the story breaks, we’ve got everything covering the break up.

In case you missed it, in a shock announcement that left us baffled, Elizabeth McKenzie and Marketing have broken up.

And we've got the exclusive interview with Elizabeth.

Here’s the transcript:

Thanks E News for having me. I really wanted to give my community an opportunity to hear the truth, instead of all the rumours that are being circulated during this break up period.

Yes, marketing and I broke up last week.

I know my community and you guys are in shock. And many people are speculating that I cheated on marketing because they haven’t seen my cry once.

The truth is, it’s not a sad day for me. It’s a relief. I was being led down a path with marketing that was not me.

And so the break up signifies the weight of the world being lifted of my shoulders.

Marketing and I have had a tumultuous relationship. Yes, there were highs, but there were many many lows. And it was never easy.

We had to work hard on it everyday. And I understand relationships are hard work, but also, not this hard.

I’m not supposed to wake up and feel the push. The strive. The pressure to do things his way.

There was always something I wasn’t doing right. There was always something more to be done.

I was sick of being told what to do with every single career and life move. There was a lot of fear mongering in this relationship.

So after trying really hard to see how we could make it work, we couldn’t come to an agreement.

And so we broke up.

Marketing loved the game of seduction, getting numbers and email addresses, building lists of women - what he did with those lists I'll never know. One women approached me and told me she'd given her details to marketing, he promised her the world. Multi 6 figures, retiring in 10 days, just one funnel away…She fell for it. What she got was some pathetic impersonal email that tried to sell himself.

I mean come on. It’s sick.

I feel for this women.

Marketing made me feel the same too. Like I wasn’t ever good enough. I never did anything right.

There were all these ridiculous rules to follow. And even when I followed the plan to a tee, I’d never get what he promised me.

He’s so one track minded, he’s almost like a cult leader.

Love’ll make you do stupid things. And unfortunately love let marketing pull on over me by promised of the world, riches, taking my career to new heights.

He charmed me with big words and fantasies. Flashing photos of him on his previous trips to the French Riviera.

Telling me that if we kept going together this is what we’d have.

And so I went along with it. Who doesn’t want to go to the French Riviera?

But in the end, he kept spending my money and nothing happened.

Of course, my loving community has been amazing to me during this time. And lucky the work I do has it’s own two legs to stand on. So I’ll always have the support of my beautiful clients, and I’ll continue to do the work I was born to do.

But things are going to be a little different now. Without marketing casting a shadow and having an opinion over everything I do, controlling my creativity.

I am free.

And it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

It’s funny that when a relationship ends, and it’s run it’s course, it always seem that a new relationship has been waiting in the wings and ready to go.

And that’s exactly what’s happened to me.

Yes, I’m in a new relationship. It’s honest. It’s open. It’s different. And it’s changing my whole entire life and career.

His name is Copy Boss."

E News have the exclusive on her new name Copy Boss.

CLICK HERE to check him out >> 

We're rating him a 10/10.

A scathing interview from Elizabeth, leaving Marketing with a big mark over his head.

Our people are on the phone trying to get an interview from Marketing himself, to give him a chance to defend these accusations.

Stay tuned to for our exclusive interview with Marketing, and no doubt his point of view of this whole break up.

This has been Elizabeth, reporting exclusive E(lizabeth) News,


My Breakup

Reporting with an E(lizabeth) News Exclusive to you today and coming LIVE everyday this week, we’ve got breaking news and behind the scenes coverage of the break up.

The official statement from Elizabeth has been released this morning, and we quote:

“As you guys know, I’ve been in a loving relationship for years. And if you’ve been around my traps you’ll know how in love I've been.

Today, that is no longer the case. 

We’re breaking up.”

That’s right, Elizabeth McKenzie and Marketing have broken up.

You’ll get all the juicy exclusive details on who pulled the pin and why, and the last few months leading up to the break up.

It’s also rumoured Elizabeth is already seeing someone else, reporting this is the ‘real deal’ and ‘true love.'

Stay tuned over the next few days for all the juicy details where we’ll be interviewing both Elizabeth and Marketing to bring you solid state information, straight from the sources.

Elizabeth gave an exclusive interview to E News earlier in the week detailing her relationship with Marketing, and it did not paint a pretty picture.

Here’s a snippet, and we quote:

"Marketing loved the game of seduction, getting numbers and email addresses, building lists of women - what he did with those lists I'll never know. One women approached me and told me she'd given her details to marketing, he promised her the world. Multi 6 figures, retiring in 10 days, just one funnel away…She fell for it. What she got was some pathetic impersonal email that tried to sell himself. It’s sick.”

We also spoke to Marketing who revealed Elizabeth was too different, individual and opinionated for him, and we quote "She wouldn't shut up and follow my rules.”

Full interviews will be posted shortly.

Elizabeth has also hinted to her new love, and he's got the look.

Here's what we know:

COPY BOSS: It’s All About Writing For Selling.

Because Copy. Is. Everything.

It starts with your message.

And it finishes with HOW you say it, and the words you USE.

Break up with bad marketing and write words that sell.

If you want in on some COPY BOSS action yourself, CLICK HERE and join the crew.

And stay tuned to your inbox to be the first to hear our interviews with both camps.

We'll be asking the hard-hitting questions like who gets custody over the Facebook ads, and what marketing was really like behind closed doors.

Close sources are citing marketing was a real asshole. We'll give marketing a chance to defend himself too.

Grab the popcorn. Don't change the channel. We’ve got the juicy goss, coming to you LIVE

This has been Elizabeth, reporting exclusive E(lizabeth) News,


No one’s buying your position description. Here’s what they do buy.

In theory, you did everything right…. right?

On top of studying, applying yourself and becoming the best you possibly can be…

You showed up, daily.

And you wrote your heart out.

You woke up before work, while your man stayed in bed, all snuggled up, even in winter.

You wrote and wrote and wrote.

And blogged and blogged and blogged.

So you’re stumped.

The 6 Stages of Screwing Up The Sale

Most of ya'll know that I'm a Master of Speech Pathology. That's right. At the ripe old age of 28, I went back to university and studied Speech Pathology because I was absolutely certain that helping people communicate was my calling.

In order to go back and study a Masters program that was exactly like a full time job, I had to quit my actual full time job and move in with my grandma.

Are You Buying Sex + Getting The Cold Shoulder?

You've seen it. The super hot bikini clad chick with the big tits and long blond hair who could be mistaken for Pammy A, sitting on top of the motorbike.

Add in a Chiko Roll in her hand and you've got the Aussie version of what selling a glorified spring roll looks like (don't believe me, right this way).

Sex sells.

The car industry. The deep fried food industry.

And the online world too. 

We get sold sex to us everyday. 

The One Thing That's Going To Get You Paid Now + Forever (Is The Same Thing That'll Get You Laid).

Smokey make-up that took way too long for the casual hot look you were going for (but, nailed it). A red dress because when was the last time you went on a date? And while no pressure, you’re hoping it’s the last.

Because who goes on dates for funsies?

You washed your hair. Shaved your pits and legs. Silky smooth.

Lipstick freshly applied.

Game on.

Speaking your truth isn’t enough anymore

The internet continues to loose its shit about 'speaking your truth.' 

Everyday there’s someone coming out with their signature business strategy summed up as:

Get aligned and speak your truth. 

Oh, your list isn’t responding? Time to start speaking your truth.
Oh, you’re not getting any sales? Time to start speaking your truth. 
Oh, your business isn’t working? Time to start speaking your truth.

It’s not enough to speak your truth anymore.

The Reason You Can't Sell Spirituality Is Because People Don't Want It.

I have a beef with the S word.

To try and dull the ache from my eye-rolling, I crack that fine ass $80 bottle of whisky and neck it faster than you can say "but wait, drinking makes you not spiritual no more."

And just for trying to guilt trip me into believing that’s true, I light up a joint while I’m drinking the whisky.

I’m a total hypocrite though.

I used to be the one spinning spiritual shit out to the world.

Want To Stand Out In A Sea Of Sameness? Stop Reciting Your Job Description + Get A Movement

Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

An aha moment to change for the rest of your life.

A Facebook Page set up.

A website made.

A photo session completed.

A list growing.

A shining service with all the trimmings ready to go.

A coaching certification framed and hanging on your office wall.