The In Between

The in between. It’s a hard place to live. To be driven and to be present. To go for your goals but be fulfilled where you are. To love yourself and want to lose weight. It can feel like you’re two different people in the space of a second. Swinging between the two extremes. Sometimes it feels like the only answer is to pick a side and set up shop there. To hustle so hard you say no to everything else. To ditch your dreams in order to enjoy a night off. But each extreme just doesn’t sit well. Living in the in between is a hard place to navigate. There’s a feeling of wading through the mud. But there’s beauty in the in between. You’re living the depth of your life. The width. The breadth. You’re living fully and wholly. Both sides. Constantly. The multiple lifetimes you’ve gotten to experience in this glorious one. That is the gift of the in between.