No Compromise

No compromise. It’s the kind of mantra that cuts through the crap. You notice it the moment you start to journal. Because there’s nothing like journaling about living your truth only to keep that truth trapped on the pages of your journal. Never to see the light of day. Life happens after your journal routine. And your truth slips down your priority list. Tomorrow. You promise. But every day that passes by and you compromise on your truth, you get agitated. Every other task you complete starts to feel like a burden. The sweetest things in life are now bitter. There’s an itch you can’t scratch. You don’t know know what it is. Even though it’s staring at you in your journal. Point blank. You read and write about it every morning as part of your routine. But you’re not actually doing it. And that’s the reason life starts to flatline. You declared your truth. Your must. Your non-negotiable. The thing you’ll never compromise on. But here you are. Compromising. Stop planning. Start doing. Stop affirming. Start actioning. Wake up every morning and do the thing. Not write about doing the thing.