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The blank page mocks you.

Why is it so damn hard?

I mean, you love writing, but you’re not writing?!

Another day gone, another page left untouched.


A writer does one thing that no one else does.

She writes. Every day.


Let me help you build a habit. 

If you'd rather roll over and die than keep another word inside you...

If you're ready to break up with the blank page...

If you're ready to put 'writer' in your title...


Read on


A movement.

A way of life.

Your motto.

The shortest manifesto in the world. 


Join the Write or Die movement and get the 30 day writing course to help you show up on the page and write your dreams alive, the stationery swag bag, and never let the blank page win again. 

Show up as a procrastinator. 

Leave a writer. 

Because that’s who you are. 

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Join the movement and get the screw-your-excuse 30 day writing course to get you showing up on the page + turning you into a writer.  Every day you’ll get an email delivered directly to your inbox from me.

Each email will have three sections. 

The writing tip: A quick-smart tip to help you show up on the page. 

The writing prompt: Words to help you show up on the page. 

The writing vibe: Affirmations + vibrations to help you show up on the page.

For the first 21 days we build a habit. The last 9 days, we refine that habit.

You know how hard bad habits are to break? Let's build the kind of habit that's got you hooked. On writing. Forever.


Get your writer's swag stationery bag complete with t shirt, Moleskine journal, pencils, mug, sticky notes + a few surprises. Think of the swag bag as your magical badass unicorn with tattoos and a bottle of bourbon granting you that one wish:

To become a writer. 


Because guess what?

Everyone's talking. No one's writing. 

Except Us.

The Swag

The T-Shirt:

Wear it like you mean it. Make a statement. You’re in this forever. It’s your ride or die. It’s your life. Make sure the world knows it. Keep yourself inspired. Wear it proud. You’re a writer and the world now knows it.

The Paperback Journal:

Get messy. Make mistakes. In terrible handwriting. Thick black lines and chicken scratch. Rip out the pages. Who cares. Get it out of your head and onto the page. No pressure. Just paper. Show it off at that hipster cafe. 

The Sticky Notes: 

From brain to page. Verbal diarrhoea. The brain dump. Write down the shit. Throw it out. Those words that suck? Toss them. The to-do list that says: just fucking write. Tick that box, toss and celebrate.

The Mug: 

Liquid Courage. Coffee, tea or bourbon. Works well with wine + bourbon when you need something a little more serious for liquid courage. Take the sip, get writing.

The Pencil:

Be ruthless. Words that don’t work. Rub them out. They’re just words. Pluck them out of thin air and turn into something incredible, or shitty. Depends the day. The shit doesn’t have to shit all over your day. Rub them out. Goodbye.

The Bag: 

Pack the bag, go sit in the pub with a pint + whip your words into a tipsy-frenzy. It's got everything you need to just fucking write.



*Elizabeth takes a swig of the finest bourbon $80 can buy, extends arm out to you*

Here, it’s your turn. Swig it. 

Bourbon is your best friend. And so is this crew. 

I got you, girl.

And I get it. Writing is scary. Baring your soul onto the page is terrifying. People will stare.

That’s why I’m here.

Because expressing yourself on the page is the greatest gift you’ll leave this world.

Your legacy. 

It’s what you were born to do.

And I’m not willing to let you waste another day denying the world your gift. 

Write your dreams alive. 

Because you're one of us now:




Join Write Or Die And Get: 

✍️ 30 day writing course

👚 T-shirt 

📖 Moleskine journal 

☕️ Mug

✏️ Pencils

🗒 Sticky notes 

🎊🎉🎈+ a few surprises

🙌 Becoming a legit writer today

💃 Your dreams are now your reality

Welcome To Hands Down The Raddest, Most Bad-Ass Writing Crew In The World Filled With Humans Who Actually Fucking Write.

And sign a blood oath to show up and do the work.

All sales are final. Just like your writing being a done deal. Finally.

Your swag bag will be shipped within 4 weeks. 



Having a book is like your passport to being an authority in your industry. Want to be the one the press call for a quote? Want to be the person who can charge premium rates?  Your book is your golden ticket.


Are you a super shit draw-er, just like me? Can’t sketch a stick figure to save your life, but need a little creative injection into your life? Writing is your thang. You just don’t know it yet. You don’t need crazy skills to write. All you gotta do is show up and put one letter in front of the other. With my prompts and tips, you’ll actually start to put sentences together that make sense. And soon enough, you’ll have written a freaking book. How’s that for creative?


Want your blog to attract hundreds and thousands of viewers so you can sell from it?  Do you show up for a month of writing, and then 3 months go by and you haven’t written a word - only to sit down at your laptop in your hipster cafe and nothing exciting comes out? You need this. You need support and accountability to show up and write. Daily. Write your blog posts, get your reach, make your mark. 


EVERY FUCKING PERSON who has something worth saying should sign up to this. 

Yes, you in the corner who’s secretly reading this page thinking I can’t write because I don’t have a blog or a business or any idea of what I would even write about. And what about HOW?!?! 


And for the love of bourbon,



And sign a blood oath to show up and do the work.

All sales are final. Just like your writing being a done deal. Finally.

Your swag bag will be shipped within 4 weeks.