In The 30-Somethings, McKenzie takes the classic coming of age story and turns it into a collection of thoughts and stories broken up into three acts, designed to hold a really short attention span.

Elizabeth shares how her career-turned-business, her relationship with boys, and being human in this average ordinary-sized woman’s body have shaped her into being the loud-mouthed, semi-successful, semi-hot, self-important adult she is today. 

Elizabeth will have you laughing out loud as she exposes the phenomena known as the internet #ladyboss, gives you friendly tips on how to trick boys into thinking you’re hot even when you’ve got a fruit-shaped body, and if you’re blessed to not be a fruit at all, then you can skip right to the section where she tells the fairytale story of how she eye-banged her boyfriend for the first time. 

With the help of self-publishing, it’s never been easier for an amateur to pitch herself as the voice of a generation and impart lessons onto the unwilling world.


Because this story is about a 30-Something and most definitely not a 20-Something (tall, slim, and what 30-Something dreams are made of), I’m not going to talk about my former glory days as a Taylor Swift impersonator with legs for days.

I still have legs for days, but what sits on top of my legs is the apple.

I’m a walking apple. An apple with legs.

That’s the best description for my body I can give. I’ve got boobs, I’ve got a gut, I’ve got love handles, I’ve somehow managed to get some chunk on my arms too which I’m not pleased about. I get bloated from eating broccoli, and while some days I’m not so critical of my body type, at the end of the day when I strip off and get naked in front of the mirror, the first thing I do is look at my stomach and sigh.



This book is here to entertain you. And nothing more.

The beauty of The 30-Somethings is there’s no complicated storylines you need to follow. It’s broken up into three acts, with a collection of thoughts and stories under each one, designed to hold a really short attention span.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Over here. *waves*

I know your phone just dinged with a notification and I lost you for a second.

This book is super-short. I promise. It’s not even a full novel. It’s a novella.

It took me like 90 minutes to read through and I wasn’t even a nerd in school.