So, we’re drinking beers and my boyfriend’s got the whole party hanging onto his every word with a story about the one time he was road tripping across America with 12 of his mates.

My brain is reeling: must. interject. with. hilarious. comment. to. show. how. awesome. I. am. and. that. he. made. good. choices. being. with. me.

Of course, my mind is blank. The brain bank is in the red and I’m running out of time.

All of a sudden, the connection from my brain to my mouth malfunctions and I start talking:

It kind of reminds me of the time I was at university and joined an all girl acapella group. Ah, good times.

*The party looks at me and collectively thinks*

Ummmm, that’s Pitch Perfect, you loser. 

I don’t always have the funniest story.

I don’t always land the punch line.

I don’t always have the wittiest comment.

But I do have a sense of self-importance known only to my generation which gives me the balls to share it with you, all over the internet. 




In The 30-Somethings, McKenzie shares how her career-turned-business, her relationship with boys, and being human in this average ordinary-sized woman’s body have shaped her into being the loud-mouthed, semi-successful, semi-hot, self-important adult she is today.


Elizabeth takes the classic coming-of-age story and turns it into a collection of thoughts and stories broken up into three acts, designed to hold a really short attention span.




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