I was drunk.

And I was jaded. A call centre hero. And not an ounce of purpose in me. As the final shot slammed onto the table empty, I decided speech pathology was my purpose. A week later I submitted my application for the Masters program. 6 months later, I got in.

27 years old. With a full time degree to complete, I moved in with grandma. 2 years later I graduated. 2 months later I got a job. 

But speech pathology wasn’t all that either. 

Before I was a speech pathologist, I was a marketing consultant. With an honours degree in marketing + media communications, my work was anything but honourable. 

A glorified paper pusher who wouldn’t keep a job.

There I was.

2 degrees down. 2 career paths walked.

Double deluded with what the choices society had offered.

Corporate Queen or Government Do Gooder. 

Then I started a blog. And everything changed.  

Today. I'm still drunk. on purpose. And also wine. 

Copywriter. CEO. Creator of Copy Boss. Who made 6 figures in her first 6 months out the gates, all from her words.  

Author of The 30-Somethings. Who with the self-importance known only to her generation, went off and self-published a memoir.

Screenwriter.  Who penned her first original tv comedy series pilot episode that has been reviewed with praise.  An ex-corporate communicator who opened up Final Draft and never looked back. 

Creator of Write Or Die. Who for the love of bourbon knows that a writer does one thing that no one else does. She writes. Every day. 

Based in Melbourne, with the Hollywood Sign sparkle in my eyes, I'm planning to move to LA in June 2018. 

I’m here to tell you, anything is possible. 

Put your life on the line. Write your new reality. Live your dreams like a boss.

I'm a woman on a mission to live like a boss, put her life on the line for her dreams, and make bank along the the way. 

In order to do that though.

Copy. Is. Everything.

Because copy is the art of writing with the intention to sell.

And writing a screenplay is all about selling.

Selling my concept.

Selling my idea.

Selling my story.

Selling my jokes.

Selling my soul’s work. In the good way.

To make it in whatever industry you want, doing whatever the hell you want, no matter what your soul calls you to do, you need to learn to communicate in a way that sells your soul’s work.


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10 Things You’ll Hate About Me

1. I played the violin at Hugh Jackman's wedding. I’m practically Wolverine royalty.

2. I got married at 22. Taylor Swift definitely didn’t sing about that. Then I got divorced

3. I'm a half-baked kinesiologist who didn't complete her case studies. Because screw coursework. 

4. I got an eyebrow ring because J from 5Ive had one. I’ve never wanted to take it out. 

5. Tattoos don’t offend you, yeah?

6. My two dogs bark when I Skype my clients and they still love me.

7. I made 6 figures in 6 months as a copywriter and it’s really not much to brag about.

8. I loved Harry Styles when he was in One Direction so don’t act all giddy because you love his new album. I loved him first. 

9. If you ever want to watch a movie with me, I’ll tell you it has to be comedy, and it has to be a tv series. It’s called research. 

10. I’ll move my two dogs, my main squeeze and myself to LA and become a legit screenwriter. 

Oh, and I’ll always win at a rap off against you when Will Smith comes on. Big Willy Styles. 


Comedy screenwriter, copywriter + founder of Copy Boss, Elizabeth McKenzie is on a mission to help the jaded people of the world finally admit what they want isn’t a pretty picket fence in the burbs with 2.5 kids and a mortgage. Instead, she helps them give the finger to the stock standard by believing so deeply in what they truly came here to, they shout it from the rooftop with conviction. Because shit gets real when you finally admit what you want. 

With a sense of self-importance known only to her generation, she's gone ahead and written a book The 30-Somethings: Life lessons from a 30-Something that you probably already know.  

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram + Twitter, and when she’s not writing comedy in her ugg boots, she’s pretending she's cool across hipster cafes in Melbourne - the LA of Australia - writing words and eating carbs. 

You want to make it in this world?

Communication. Is. Everything. 

It starts with your message.

And finishes with how you say it and the words you use.



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How to write blog posts, articles + emails that position you as the expert with personality, cutting you + your business through the current crap content climate and straight into the wallets of your buyers.   

Writing for Selling

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Over the last year and a half working with Elizabeth in various capacities, I have come to know her as a ballsy businesswoman with a laser sharp vision, hungry for words and the richness of life that can only come from call-the-shots yourself. She’s a hardline cheerleader who takes no shit and throws out truth bombs quicker than you can down a whisky. If there is one thing she is the ultimate ruler of, it is The Message, and Elizabeth has a gift for not just drawing it out of you but teaching you to find it within yourself.
— Ceri, Healthy Party Girl